Mission Statement

Constantly viewed through the lens of the ultra-vague jamband lens donned upon them, Phish’s story has always been told in a forced tone, simplistic in nature; an ultimately unsatisfying perspective. The goal of this blog is to refine and rewrite the history of Phish. Cunning, honest, with an ever-present respect for their unique and lasting impact on music at the turn of the 21st Century.

From stories of day-long jam sessions as quirky twenty-somethings, to the grind of 100+ shows on the road in a single year, to the pitfalls of fame, to the personal struggles of writing in middle-age, to the celebratory relief of returning to the stage after five years in the dark. This blog with cover everything, all with the goal of understand the personalities, music, trials and tribulations that have made Phish Phish.

5 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Very well written. It’s comprehensive, honest and fair. It reads less like an over-the-top fan page and more like a respected online publication. The 1997 piece brought me back in time to that summer and fall. Good stuff. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading…

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